Cine suntem?

Suntem o echipă diversă, internațională, formată din profesioniști, cu sediul în mai multe locații din Europa, dedicată îmbunătățirii și creării unui impact real în lumea comerțului electronic. Ne considerăm a fi tratatul Schengen al internetului - eliminând frontierele și făcând vânzarea la nivel internațional mai puțin costisitoare.

Care este misiunea noastra?

Prin platforma noastră, am creat o soluție de rețea centralizată pentru piețele online, permițând sellerilor internaționali să își extindă în continuare afacerea, fără efort tehnic sau costuri fixe crescute.IMN unifică piețele lider într-un singur ecosistem digital, conectând o comunitate în creștere rapidă de selleri parteneri, cu peste 230 de milioane de consumatori din EMEA. Tot ce trebuie să faci este să te înregistrezi, să introduci credentialele API în platforma noastră online și să începi să vinzi pe piețele  din platforma IMN. Aceasta platforma include unii dintre principalii jucători ai e-commerce-ului din Europa: Cdiscount (Franța), eMAG (România), ePrice (Italia) și (Germania).

De ce IMN ?

Misiunea noastră este de a simplifica comerțul electronic, permițând companiilor să crească peste granițe într-un mod facil, etic și durabil. Am urmărit evoluția vânzărilor transfrontaliere în ultimii ani și am observat obstacole pe care ne străduim să le eliminăm.Cu IMN, urmărim inovarea, depășind granițele și dezvoltând un nou mediu pentru a crește lumea comerțului electronic


Nici Roma, nici IMN nu au fost construite intr-o singura zi. Daca esti interesat sa te alaturi echipei IMN, te rugam sa ne trimiti un e-mail la

Backstage with

IMN's  Team

Salvatore Porto
Partnership Manager - IMN
Discover Salvatore

Hi Salvatore, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am a technology and innovation enthusiast; I love nature, music, and working on solutions to contemporary, meaningful challenges. I believe in the conjunction of digital tools and human potential as one of our most exciting opportunities to make the world a better place.

Tell us a bit about your background:

In the last 7 years, I have developed my career across multiple technology sectors, with a focus on the SaaS industry. From Industrial Automation to Telecommunications and eCommerce, I have been working with multiple EMEA enterprises, contributing directly to their growth and expansion. Thanks to the opportunity of working across multiple sectors and cultures, I had a chance of learning always something new, as well as developing and refining a diverse set of skills. I was also lucky to meet great professionals along the way, experiencing the fun of working on complex challenges, and the reward of achieving ambitious goals together as a team.


Why did you choose to join the IMN adventure?

When I heard about the IMN project and ambition, I have been immediately captivated by it. I find IMN's mission exciting and valuable: simplifying the eCommerce world, allowing businesses to grow across borders in a simple, ethical and sustainable way. Second to that, is the company culture that I felt I would encounter when joining the team: inclusive, open-minded, smart, flexible, hard-working, ambitious but caring, informal, and fun at the same time. I was not wrong :)

Can you tell us about your role at IMN in a few words?

As a Partnerships Manager, I am a little bit all over the place… :) The core of my role is cultivating and strategically managing relations with our Partners Sellers, Marketplaces, and additional Partners (e.g. VAT consultants, Software Companies, Marketing Agencies).  By liaising across the Marketplaces of the network, I guide Sellers in their success and best experience of the IMN platform, as well as training them and their AMs with workshops, webinars, and tutorials. From SaaS adoption and on-boarding to training and performance analysis, I oversee Seller's activity and facilitate their growth across the Marketplaces. Parallel, I manage our collateral Partnerships and contribute to the definition of SaaS improvement projects, objectives, and executive roadmap. Last but not least, I participate in the curation of the IMN online presence; this entails designing and refining social media content, curating our Linkedin page, Press Releases, Youtube channel, and eventually producing video tutorials.

What is the typical Partner Success Manager day at the IMN?

There's not a typical day :)
Jokes apart, my position is very dynamic, and there's never a dull moment. Some days are all about meetings and exciting, strategic exchanges with our Partners. Other days are more focused on SaaS development and product vision. Other days, are more focused on supporting specific IMN Key Accounts requests, cooperating with Marketplaces until full cases resolution. Our roles are not defined in an old-fashion corporate style. There's a good amount of freedom on how we can structure our work. However, to be successful, freedom has to be inextricably connected to a very strong sense of ownership and responsibility.

Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

The openness to innovation and new ideas. I was always, in all my previous roles, thinking about how to improve processes, defining best practices, and find ways to be more efficient. At IMN, I have room to put a stamp on my work in this regard, brainstorming openly with the team, and seeing ideas often becoming reality.

Can you describe IMN in 3 words?

Efficiency, Transparency, Reliability

Can you share a website that you love/have discovered recently?

What does "well-being" at work mean to you? 

Well-being at work entails many things. Most important, is being able to be yourself, and be inspired of doing what you do. It is crucial to be part of an environment that can make you feel comfortable speaking your truth, share your ideas openly, agree, or disagree, as long as it’s done with mutual kindness and respect. What is also fundamental for ‘well-being’, is being around people that thrive as much as you do. When each member of a team wants to excel in their work, true teamwork can be put into place. Last, but not least, trust and honesty vs micro-management and ''politics'': I believe we are the best at what we do when we are empowered of taking chances, and when we are truthful to each other.

How would you describe IMN to a future candidate?

The right place if you want to prove yourself and grow your skills, and never get bored :)

What is your mantra?

If you want to keep your happiness, you have to share it.

Mehdi Tali
Discover Mehdi

Hi Mehdi, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I grew up in North Africa, moved to France, and a bit later spent a few years in Spain, the UK, and Canada. I guess this is what defines me most, I absolutely love discovering about everything that is "different" from what I usually know. This includes of course travel, trekking, food, languages, and cultural specificities in general. 

Apart from working for IMN (which I love), I am also passionate about Theater arts and Improv in particular - both as a participant and a teacher - This is very useful in my everyday life as it makes you way more open-minded and confident in yourself and the others.

Tell us a bit about your background:

I graduated from the University in 2009 (forever young, right?) with a major in International Trade and Management. Then my work career was gravitating around eCommerce which I always was interested in and in particular the Marketplace world. 

I can say that I have the Marketplace flowing in my veins :) I participated in launching the Marketplaces of Fnac and Cdiscount, which are today two of the biggest Marketplaces in France - my last position was Head of eCommerce Consultants and Marketplace Sales for Cdiscount, managing 40 people and spending amazing years with an incredibly dynamic team.

When the IMN initiative emerged from early discussions in 2018, I saw it as the perfect fit for my multicultural and multilingual marketplace profile, I embraced the project and am managing it together with the team, from the design of the project to the commercial launch, and now the best is yet to come :)

Why did you choose to join the IMN adventure?

I think it all made sense to me, and in every aspect. The "purpose" of the company corresponds to who I am - make eCommerce more attractive, more simple, and open new opportunities to sellers without any additional cost. Marketplace sellers are great professionals to work with and I saw from my experience that with good advice and dedicated people, amazing results can be achieved.

It is also very valuable to see your partners growing quickly in sales volume, staff, and experience.

The IMN is also very promising for the future as it is backed by 4 of the strongest European Marketplaces, which bring their support and energy to make things happen for the Partner Sellers.

Can you describe IMN in 3 words?

Simple, Human, and Reliable.

Can you share a website that you love / you have discovered recently?

Not a new one but one that I love: The best search engine ever - using their revenues from the search engine to plant trees.

What does "well-being" at work mean to you?

It takes a few but important things: having the same culture of the company you work for, believe in what you do so that you don't perceive work as "work", but as a place to grow and express who you are.

How would you describe IMN to a future candidate?

If you like the idea of paving the way to a better European eCommerce and embrace a promising project with great people, it is the right place for you.

What is your mantra?

Failure is just a chance to try better.

Jessica Casula
Head of Activation - ePrice
Discover Jessica

Hi Jessica, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, I am Jessica Casula, I am 29 years old and since 2017, I am part of the ePRICE Marketplace Team, one of the best Italian destinations to sell online. I am a sunny person, always available to help people, and with a passion for the digital world.

Tell us a bit about your background:

I have always had a strong passion for all scientific subjects and in fact, I am pretty analytical. After five years of scientific high school, I enrolled in Bocconi University and graduated in business administration and management. In 2017, I started my carrier in ePRICE as inside sales and now after 4 years, I am the Head of the Activation Team and the IMN manager for ePRICE.

Can you tell us about your role at ePrice in a few words?

For one year, I am the Head of the Activation Team, who supports merchants to upload offers and create products, indeed to activate the shop. I am also in charge of coordinating the IMN project on ePRICE's side and one of the main points of contact with the other partner.

What is the typical Head of Activation day at ePrice?

I don’t have a typical day because every day it is really different from the one before! A common point is that before start my working day, myself and the activation team discuss different topics or challenges and organize the work for the day. We update ourselves to be sure that our results are aligned with the monthly targets in terms of offers, merchant activations on the platform, and their sales volume. After this, I usually liaise with my Directors and take care of the sellers, especially the IMN Merchants :)


Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

A unique platform to manage 3 different local marketplaces, and a team who is friendly and always available to help!

Can you describe IMN in 3 words?

Opportunity to expand business (not considering the preposition :) )

How would you describe IMN to a future partner seller?

If you would like to be part of a dynamic network in constant growth that allows you to improve your sales and start new activities in different countries, IMN is what you are looking for.

Can you share a website that you love / you have discovered recently?

I love for all the handcrafted products that you can find there

What is the one song that you have completely memorized?

“All of me” a John Legend song, It is so romantic!


What is your mantra?

“Ad Maiora” because there is always something better to come and to hope in

What is the gift you always love to receive? 

I love receiving colorful flowers on any occasion but a good dinner is always accepted too :)

Paula Vasile
Project Manager - eMAG
Discover Paula

Hi Paula, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

 Hi! I am Paula , I am 27 years old and I am part of the eMAG Marketplace team since 2018. I think that what describes me the best is that I am a people person and I am always happy to help and be involved in projects 😊


Tell us a bit about your background :

I graduated in Communication and Public Relations and have a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Communication. I joined eMAG in 2015 and in 2018 I made the transition to eMAG Marketplace where I started as a seller development specialist. As a seller development specialist, I managed a portfolio of sellers and made sure that they develop their business with us. After that, I was promoted as a team leader in the Seller Development department and currently, I made the transition to project manager in eMAG Marketplace.


Can you tell us about your role at eMAG in a few words?

In eMAG Marketplace  we are very customer and seller oriented so besides managing portfolio of sellers and make sure they grow their businesses with us, we also strategize about projects that can improve the sellers’ experience with us and also help them provide the customer with a better shopping experience. My job involved coordinating with all relevant parties to make sure our projects are implemented in tine and that they are successful.


What is your typical day at eMAG?

I can’t think about a typical day because we are very dynamic and innovative so every day is different. Usually I take an hour in the morning to go through the e-mails and set the agenda and to-do list for the day and after that the day is spent in calls on different projects and ideas that we brainstorm and decide what is the best approach and action plan for our projects. The are always new things to learn and new ideas and that’s what makes this job so interesting 😊


Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

 The fact that our partners are offered the possibility to access new and important markets and it also helped us understand more about the importance of automated flows and the tools we need in order to help our sellers grow.


How would you describe IMN to a partner seller?

As an amazing opportunity to expand internationally with minimum effort.


What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Alphaville – Forever young


What is your mantra?

“You got this!”

Xiaolei Boisson
Head of Biz Dev - Cdiscount
Discover Xiaolei

Hi Xiaolei, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I have lived in France for more than 10 years and I lived in China during my first 20 years. Before beginning my career at Cdiscount, I have worked in the B2B business for exports. Today I’m head of business development in Cdiscount. I observe and learn from the integration and "collision" between the Chinese culture and western culture. But for sure, French cuisine and Chinese cuisine are the best ones in the world 😊.


Tell us a bit about your background :

I graduated from university with a major in logistic management and then got my master's degree specializing in strategic commerce and marketing. I joined Cdiscount in late 2014 as a business developer and now my team is more than 20 business developers and we are aiming to help develop the business of Partner Sellers all over the world.


Can you tell us about your role at Cdiscount in a few words?

As head of business development, my team has 3 missions: recruit the best Partner Sellers from the French market in their category, provide them a better experience during the onboarding phase and first steps at Cdiscount, build projects with strategic partners to promote Cdiscount abroad in order to attract more Partner Sellers. And of course, I coordinate with different services on the IMN project.


What is the typical Head of Marketplace Business Development day at Cdiscount?

I always start the day with a quick overview of the results of the previous day, then align the priorities and actions with the Management Team. And I imagine and exchange continuously to improve my team's positioning and focus.


Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

Partner Sellers can sell the same product with different price positionings on different marketplaces, and to achieve this it takes very few time


Can you describe IMN in 3 words?

Simple, unlimited opportunities, reactive.


How would you describe IMN to a partner seller?

One platform helps you to reach more than 230 million potential customers!


Can you share a website that you love / you have discovered recently ?

Not a new one, but TED (


What is the dish that you can cook very well?

Cantonese fried-rice and crêpe 😊

What is your mantra?

I enjoy whatever life gives me!

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Avalara:   Tax compliance done right.

The rise of digital commerce and international trade, coupled with constantly shifting taxation and reporting obligations imposed by the global patchwork of local, regional, state, and national taxing authorities, has created a tremendously complex and onerous compliance burden for businesses of all sizes. Avalara's mission is to provide solutions for this challenge, allowing companies to focus on their core operations.

Avalara provides a leading suite of cloud-based solutions designed to improve accuracy and efficiency by automating the processes of determining taxability, identifying applicable tax rates, determining and collecting taxes, preparing and filing returns, remitting taxes, maintaining tax records, and managing compliance documents .

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