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  • French e-Commerce Leader
  • 100 M products
  • 24 M visitors / month 
  • 10 M active customers
  • Fulfillment service
  • Advertising service with RelevanC

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  • 50% YOY traffic growth
  • 44 M visits / month
  • Customer service by eMAG
  • Translation for best selling products
  • Fulfillment service

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  • Fastest growing German marketplace
  • +32 M unique visitors/month
  • 40 M products in over 5000 categories
  • Additional services available

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  • Biggest Italian Marketplace
  • 8 M products
  • 4 M unique visitors / month
  • Competitive commissions

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Affiliate Services

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Avalara - Tax compliance done right.

The rise of digital commerce and international trade, coupled with constantly shifting taxation and reporting obligations imposed by the global patchwork of local, regional, state, and national taxing authorities, has created a tremendously complex and onerous compliance burden for businesses of all sizes. Avalara's mission is to provide solutions for this challenge, allowing companies to focus on their core operations.

Avalara provides a leading suite of cloud-based solutions designed to improve accuracy and efficiency by automating the processes of determining taxability, identifying applicable tax rates, determining and collecting taxes, preparing and filing returns, remitting taxes, maintaining tax records, and managing compliance documents.

You can learn more from Avalara here: Contact

Beezup - Data feed management specialists

Founded in 2009, BeezUP is now an e-commerce data feed management solution recognized within the French and European e-commerce ecosystem.

Based on their own experience as e-merchants, they decide to create BeezUP in response to a simple problem :

How to increase the profitability of your e-shop by simply multiplying your points of contact with clients? All on the same platform! The challenges faced by e-merchants are clear: profitability, automation, and internationalization.

Self-financed since the first year, the start-up has certainly grown! A single objective guides all its strategic decisions: to offer a smart platform that enables merchants to concentrate on their business and no longer on technical constraints.


Powerling - Smart Language & Translations

Powerling is a woman-owned business with over 15 years of experience in multilingual content management. Powerling supports its customers in their international expansion and multicultural digital transformation, providing consulting, translation, localization, and integration services in more than 75 languages. Make the world your playground!

With over 1,600 translators specialized in technical domains, Powerling stays up-to-date investing every year in research and development, to ensure continuously improving high-quality work.

By connecting to Powerling services, your IMN business can access a comprehensive package of language services, where translations are at the core. 

More info here

Storfund - Instant Marketplace Payment


Instead of having to wait for the standard payment cycles of the Marketplaces, with Storfund, you get paid as soon as you sell.


No data submissions, no payment requests, just reliable daily cash flow. Storfund is available on Cdiscount, ePRICE and soon could expand on the other IMN Marketplaces too.

No limit to how much you can receive. Activate and deactivate the service as needed!


With Storfund, you get paid as soon as you sell. Yes, it’s that simple.

  • Fully automated – no need to submit sales data
  • No limit to how much you can receive
  • You’re in control, pause the service whenever you need to.


Octopia/Cdiscount Fulfillment

More than ten years of experience in logistics at your service:

  • Storage, wrapping, and dispatch of your products
  • Returns and customers relations management
  • “Cdiscount à Volonté” tag on your products - access to the best Cdiscount customers
  • A single stock for all your sales sites - management of your Cdiscount orders and of all your sales platforms (including IMN)
  • In France and in more than 20 European countries
  • Competitive rates











eMAG Fulfillment
  • Sellers use Fulfilment by eMAG to ship their products to customers when they want to generate more sales without necessarily investing more in logistics and customer service while having multiple benefits.
  • This is a pay-per-use program, with no subscription fees and no minimum inventory requirementsSimply send eMAG your products, and they take care of storage, delivery to customers, customer service, and returns handling
  • Access a simplified return process to maximize Customer Satisfaction and NPS.
  • Store your products in SEE’s biggest warehouse with 126.000+ sqm and benefit from our high-end technology and best-in-class service.

Fulfillment sellers have reported an average of +60%* in their sales volume.

Your products will be shipped in max 2 days to millions of eMAG customers in Romania

Non-domestic sellers get instant access to the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method which accounts for 70% of the total payments.

Software & Plugins

IMN offers an open API to link up any eCommerce application and ready-to-use modules for the following solutions :

Our Sellers

"IMN provides a simple solution to open new marketplaces in other countries to start a business in new Markets. Integration was fast and easy, and my turnover total growth was more than 30 % in no time. Support requests are usually given fast answers by IMN".

"With IMN we have been able to expand our business in Europe in a simple way and with excellent technical support; always attentive to our needs and ready to intervene for every requests"


"The IMN platform is very well designed, easy to use with the essential elements to process our orders and the parameters of our prices and shipping costs"


"We are very satisfied of IMN and especially of their team behind it, which helps us promptly on managing the platform, as well as supporting the communication with the marketplaces. We are glad of this fruitful collaboration!"

"Thanks to ePRICE now part of IMN, I have started to sell on the main european Marketplaces easily and quickly, my turnover is tripled"


"The IMN Team is very present and available both as regards the initial setup of the profile on the platform, as well as for the management of the connection to the other sales channels. The platform allows us to increase our sales by liaising with IMN and Marketplaces representatives, with excellent results."

"IMN was a necessary step for us to expand throughout Europe. Having a solid partner for our distribution is key for us. We hope there will be more marketplaces available in the future."        Learn more on Boem 4 all

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