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Boem 4 All BVBA - Bram Schottey (CEO)

Hello and thank you for this chat with the IMN Team! Would you tell us about your business and your team in a few words?

Hello and Thank you! We are an online based business specialized in products that are ‘’hard to find it’’. We build special gaming computers and mining rigs, working across the European territory.

What type of products are you selling – and can you give us a few top-selling products or products that you are very proud of?

We are subject matter expert with a longstanding experience in high end gaming computers and the components of them. It is a field that has been always very exciting for us!

For how long years have you been working in the eCommerce / Marketplace industry?

Quite some time now! It has been since over 20 years, and through two different companies.

What is your experience with developing your business in other countries?

It is very interesting and exciting to expand in more countries with our business. We retain the most of our experience in Belgium and the Netherlands, and also throughout IMN we are now developing in more countries. International business is an interesting challenge, and there’s always something new to learn!

How has IMN helped you to reach more customers at an international level?

Thanks to IMN we expanded our business, and we benefitted as well from the ease of use and implementation of our business through the various Marketplaces

What is the ambition of your company in the upcoming years?

We will continue to develop new countries and marketplaces and are building our own website. Together with this, we will develop new verticals; we are excited to pursue this expansion also through the IMN!

On which website can we learn more about your activities?


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