Frequently Asked Questions


What information is needed during the registration process?

All the information you would need to apply to the marketplaces individually. You may need to upload documents and supply proof of the company information (e.g. beneficial owner, VAT number (where applicable), Chamber of Commerce Registration, etc.)

What are the costs for me?

You will have no added costs by using the IMN. You will continue to pay your monthly fee on your home marketplace, but you will not have to pay a monthly fee on any of the other marketplaces, nor will you pay for IMN’s services. You will have to pay commissions on the individual marketplaces, though.

Do you offer a fulfilment option?

At the moment we do not have a fulfilment offer, some of the network’s marketplaces do, though, so get in touch and we will redirect you to the right contact within the marketplaces.

Do I have to be active on any of the IMN marketplaces before opening an IMN account?

Yes, you have to be active on one of the IMN marketplaces and have your offers live on your “home marketplace” to join the IMN.

Will there be more marketplaces joining the network?

We are open for new marketplaces to join the network. If you work for a marketplace or are interested in selling on one, let us know and we will see what we can do.

How long will it take for the marketplaces to create my account?

Usually, it will take between 2-10 business days for you to receive your account information.

Where can I find the API credentials?

This is different per marketplace. You can find the relevant documentation below:

API Credentials Cdiscount

API Credentials EMAG

API Credentials ePrice

API Credentials real

Will you help me translate my product information?

Currently, we do not offer translation services nor can you transmit your product information from one marketplace to another using IMN. This is on our roadmap for the future, but as of right now, IMN is purely functioning as an offer data interface between marketplaces. If your top 25 products are not present on any of your target marketplaces, let us know and we will find a solution to ensure your product information is created on your target marketplaces with the support of a native speaker in each of the territories.

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