Who are we?

We are an international team of driven professionals based in multiple locations in Europe, dedicated to making a true impact in the industry by enabling seamless cross-border eCommerce integrations. We are the bridge between leading Marketplaces – taking away borders and making it less expensive to sell internationally.

What do we do?

With our platform, we created a centralized network solution for online marketplaces, enabling international partner sellers to further expand their business, without technical effort or increased fixed costs.

IMN unifies leading marketplaces in a single digital ecosystem, connecting a rapidly growing community of partner sellers to over 230 million consumers in EMEA. All you need to do is register, insert your API credentials in our online platform and start selling through the IMN marketplaces. That includes some of the major players in Europe: Cdiscount (France), eMAG (Romania), ePrice (Italy), and Kaufland.de (Germany).

Why IMN?

Our mission is to simplify the eCommerce industry, allowing companies to grow across borders in a smooth, ethical, and sustainable way. We have watched the evolution of cross-border sales over the last years and have noticed roadblocks that we thrive to eliminate.

With IMN, we pursue innovation, push boundaries, and develop a new environment for the eCommerce world to grow in.

If you’re interested in joining the IMN team and growing the business with us, please send an email to jobs@imnnow.com.

IMN  Team

Head of Partnerships
Discover Salvatore

Hi Salvatore, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?


Hi! I'm Salvatore and I'm with the IMN team as a Partner Manager, managing relations with IMN marketplaces, sellers, external partners, and working with the rest of the team on IMN product strategy and operations. I love nature, music, and I've always been a technology enthusiast since I was a kid. My first computer was a Commodore 64, and I've been a fan of the Internet from the early 'Windows 95' days, on the legendary notes of 56k modems. Nowadays, I thrive working in the eCommerce industry, and I find passion in unlocking organizations' potential through the power of technology and collaboration. Also, in my spare time, I enjoy doing radio with some DJ friends, playing vinyl records from my collection :)

Tell us a bit about your background:

In the last 7 years, I have developed my career across multiple technology sectors, with a focus on the SaaS industry. From Industrial Automation to Telecommunications and eCommerce, I have been working with multiple EMEA enterprises, contributing directly to their growth and expansion. Thanks to the opportunity of working across multiple sectors and cultures, I had a chance of learning always something new, as well as developing and refine a diverse set of skills. I was also lucky to meet great professionals along the way, experiencing the fun of working on complex challenges, and the reward of achieving ambitious goals together as a team.


Why did you choose to join the IMN adventure?

When I heard about the IMN project and ambition, I have been immediately captivated by it. I find the IMN mission exciting and valuable: simplifying the eCommerce world, allowing businesses to grow internationally in a simple, ethical and sustainable way. Second, the company’s culture and vibe: open-minded, smart, flexible, hard-working, informal, and fun!

Can you tell us about your role at IMN in a few words?

The core of my role is managing relations with our sellers, marketplaces, and external partners (e.g. VAT consultants, software companies, marketing agencies).  By liaising across the marketplaces of the network, I guide sellers in their success and best experience of the IMN platform. From SaaS adoption and on-boarding to training and performance analysis, I oversee the activity of sellers and I facilitate their growth across the IMN marketplaces. Furthermore, I manage our external partnerships and contribute to the definition of SaaS improvement projects, objectives, and executive roadmap.

What is the typical Partner Success Manager day at the IMN?

The typical day is a non-predictable, by definition ‘non-typical’ day :) My position in fact is very dynamic, and aside from meetings, it unfolds on a wide array of activities. Some days will have more time dedicated to product strategy, other days will be all about seller management and operations. Some other days can be all about marketing campaigns and training. Our roles in IMN are not ‘‘hard-coded’’ in an old-fashion corporate style. There's a good amount of freedom in how we organize our work, which goes along with a culture of ownership and responsibility.

Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

The openness to innovation and new ideas. I was always, in all my previous roles, thinking about how to improve processes, define best practices, and find ways to be more efficient. At IMN, I have room to put a stamp on my work, seeing ideas becoming reality.

Can you describe IMN in 3 words?

Efficiency, Transparency, Reliability

Can you share a website that you love/have discovered recently? 


What does "well-being" at work mean to you? 

Well-being at work entails many things. Most important, is being able to be yourself, and be inspired by doing what you do. Be you! Take risks. It is crucial to be part of an environment that can make you feel comfortable speaking your truth. What is also fundamental for ‘well-being’, is being around people that thrive as much as you do. When each member of a team wants to excel in their work, true teamwork can be put into place. Last, but not least, trust and honesty vs micro-management and ''company politics''. I believe we are the best at what we do when we are empowered of taking chances, and when we are truthful to each other.

How would you describe IMN to a future candidate?

The right place if you want to prove yourself and grow your skills, and never get bored :)

What is your mantra?

If you want to keep your happiness, you have to share it.

Discover Mehdi

Hi Mehdi, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I grew up in North Africa, moved to France, and a bit later spent a few years in Spain, the UK, and Canada. I guess this is what defines me most, I absolutely love discovering about everything that is "different" from what I usually know. This includes of course travel, trekking, food, languages, and cultural specificities in general. 

Apart from working for IMN (which I love), I am also passionate about Theater arts and Improv in particular - both as a participant and a teacher - This is very useful in my everyday life as it makes you way more open-minded and confident in yourself and the others.

Tell us a bit about your background:

I graduated from the University in 2009 (forever young, right?) with a major in International Trade and Management. Then my work career was gravitating around eCommerce which I always was interested in and in particular the Marketplace world. 

I can say that I have the Marketplace flowing in my veins :) I participated in launching the Marketplaces of Fnac and Cdiscount, which are today two of the biggest Marketplaces in France - my last position was Head of eCommerce Consultants and Marketplace Sales for Cdiscount, managing 40 people and spending amazing years with an incredibly dynamic team.

When the IMN initiative emerged from early discussions in 2018, I saw it as the perfect fit for my multicultural and multilingual marketplace profile, I embraced the project and am managing it together with the team, from the design of the project to the commercial launch, and now the best is yet to come :)

Why did you choose to join the IMN adventure?

I think it all made sense to me, and in every aspect. The "purpose" of the company corresponds to who I am - make eCommerce more attractive, more simple, and open new opportunities to sellers without any additional cost. Marketplace sellers are great professionals to work with and I saw from my experience that with good advice and dedicated people, amazing results can be achieved.

It is also very valuable to see your partners growing quickly in sales volume, staff, and experience.

The IMN is also very promising for the future as it is backed by 4 of the strongest European Marketplaces, which bring their support and energy to make things happen for the Partner Sellers.

Can you describe IMN in 3 words?

Simple, Human, and Reliable.

Can you share a website that you love / you have discovered recently?

Not a new one but one that I love: https://www.ecosia.org The best search engine ever - using their revenues from the search engine to plant trees.

What does "well-being" at work mean to you?

It takes a few but important things: having the same culture of the company you work for, believe in what you do so that you don't perceive work as "work", but as a place to grow and express who you are.

How would you describe IMN to a future candidate?

If you like the idea of paving the way to a better European eCommerce and embrace a promising project with great people, it is the right place for you.

What is your mantra?

Failure is just a chance to try better.

Sales Manager
Discover Eleonora

Hi Eleonora, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I grew up in a small city on Lake Maggiore and then I moved to Milan to study and work, but I love going back to my family every weekend. I am a very positive person and I always try to take advantage of all the opportunities that life offers. I‘m passionate about fashion and the digital world and for this reason, I decided to follow these interests also in my job.

Tell us a bit about your background:

I graduated in 2011 in Public Relations and Advertising at the IULM University of Milan. I love digital and my first work experiences were in communication and advertising agencies. Later I decided to follow projects dedicated to e-commerce and I joined the ePRICE marketplace team to develop the Marketplace business from the very early stage.

Can you tell us about your role at ePRICE in a few words?

I have been working at ePRICE since 2016 and I started as Inside Sales Specialist, in 2018 I became the team leader of this team and now I’m managing of the New Account Manager team. My team and I take care of scouting and onboarding new sellers and support them so that they can generate high sales volumes.


Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

In my opinion, the greatest advantage of IMN is the possibility for a local marketplace to offer also cross border opportunities to the sellers.


How would you describe IMN to a future partner seller?

Your opportunity to sell worldwide from one single marketplace and reach millions of customers at the same time.

Can you share a website that you love/have discovered recently?


Imagen is an AI system that creates photorealistic images from the input text, for me it is brilliant and it is very realistic.

What is the one song that you have completely memorized?

Wonderwall By Oasis: this is one of my favorite songs and I learned it in my teens.


What is your mantra?

There are no problems, there are only solutions and opportunities.


Relationship Manager
Discover Cristiana

Hi Cristiana, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, I am Cristiana and I am always curious about the things around me. I like to travel and each time a visit a new city I try to make room in my schedule for an art museum and a science one so I can feed my creativity and also my understanding of the world. I live in Bucharest right now, and I like the chill version of this restless city, meaning the great food places, cultural events, and getting together with my friends for a glass of wine


Tell us a bit about your background :

I kind of always known that I want to work in communication. At the beginning of my career, I’ve tried PR, digital communication, and advertising until I settled on Business-to-Business communication, which can mean that I get to do a bit of everything. It’s been 6 years now and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.


Can you tell us about your role at eMAG in a few words?

My main role is to make sure that all the eMAG Marketplace sellers are up to date with all the opportunities, developments, or important news for their business. In the same time, I am creating contexts for conversations and feedbacks, so we can always stay connected with the sellers’ community.


Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

That it can link people, businesses, markets in one single place. And, of course, the great team.


How would you describe IMN in 3 keywords?

Accessible, Fast, Connected.


What is your mantra?

"Just because something’s always been done that way, doesn’t mean it should continue to be done that way".

Head of Sellers
Discover Clara

Hi Clara, Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Clara, I come from the South West of France and it sums up pretty well what I enjoy in life: proximity to the Ocean and mountains as I enjoy hiking and biking, good food & good wine (one of the best advantages to live in Bordeaux) to share with family and friends.


Tell us a bit about your background :

I graduated from a business school and had the opportunity to study and live in London, Copenhagen & Shanghai. I started working in the FMCG industry as a product manager and then worked in business consulting before joining the e-commerce industry


Can you tell us about your role at Octopia in a few words?

As head of sellers’ acquisition and development, my role is to build the largest and most qualified active seller base to offer sales channels the best seller ecosystem and to help sellers to accelerate their business on marketplaces. Of course, I have a very skilled (and funny) team by my side to reach these objectives.  


What is the typical Head of Marketplace Business Development day at Cdiscount?

The beginning of the day is usually the same: coffee, an overview of the last day's results to anticipate the priorities and actions for the day & email checking. The rest of the day is nothing but “typical” and this is what I love about the job: I interact not only with the management sourcing team but also with a lot of transversal teams (compliance, operations, seller’s experience, partnerships, etc.)


Your favorite IMN advantage/aspect? 

Possibility to open to new and abroad markets in just a few clicks



How would you describe IMN to a partner seller?

One platform helps you to reach more than 230 million potential customers!


Can you share a website that you love / you have discovered recently?

No website in particular, nevertheless I subscribed to many newsletters on different topics (environment, daily news, finance, etc.)

What is the dish that you can cook very well?

A goat “quiche Lorraine”!

What is your mantra?

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf!

Tech Specialist
Discover Angelica

Hi Angelica, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello! I'm Angelica. I'm from Venezuela and I came to France in 2019 to continue my studies. I have two moods, either spending a chill evening painting and reading or going for a karaoke night with my friends. I think the best medicine is a sunny day, so I try to leave the house when I can enjoy a little sunshine.


Tell us a bit about your background :

I did my bachelor's in Computer Engineering in Venezuela, and then I came to France to do my master's in Computer Science. I started working for BeezUP when I finished my studies in 2021 as a support engineer.

Why did you choose to join the IMN adventure?

I had the opportunity to take on the role of tech specialist for the IMN after a great first year working for BeezUP. I had a curiosity about the IMN platform and was excited to be able to interact more with the partner marketplaces and help our sellers expand their business across Europe.

With whom do you collaborate on your work at the IMN?

With whom do you collaborate on your work at the IMN? Mostly with Salvatore and Mehdi. We exchange often about any issues our partners might have, and we discuss our ideas for enhancing our platform. I'm also in contact with the BeezUP developers team that carries out the improvement projects.

What is your mantra?

The data speaks for itself.


International Marketplace Network

Our timeline


More than 4500 partner sellers are now trusting IMN


A Partnership is established with Storfund to provide Sellers with instant Marketplace payment options


A Partnership is established with Powerling to provide Sellers with translation and localization services 


A major IMN upgrade is launched, providing several additional features to the Seller experience such as offer counters, exportation insights, extra performance analysis tools, top products lists, and much more


A Partnership is established with Avalara to provide sellers with cross-border TAX/VAT services


More than 3000 partner sellers are now trusting IMN


eMAG (Romania) is made available on IMN via automatic connection


Launch of IMN


Development of IMN platform


Presence at ePrice Sellers Day. Immense interest in continuation of test/cooperation


End of test period. 100 Merchants have joined the different marketplaces as part of the tests.


Joint booth at real E-Commerce Day. Joint Registration form proves successful.


Marketplaces present the test of a loose partnership on the Cdiscount Sellers Day. Joint registration form (Beta) goes live.



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